Rob Elliott obtained his first commission as a professional photographer in 1969 and has been working with photography and the graphic arts ever since.  His lecturing work in digital electronics dovetailed smoothly with the dawn of the digital imaging age and enabled him to develop a keen insight into how the needs of the artist, seeking publication through the continuously-evolving process of digital printing, could be met.

As well as producing giclée prints for fine artists working with traditional media, he has developed his own portfolio of limited edition images, including the 'Venice' and 'Landscapes and Landmarks' series.

Rob considers himself privileged to have been granted sole publication rights for artwork by the late Tom Wall. The acclaimed 'Visionary Landscapes' series represents the culmination of a significant project whereby he has made Tom's original oils-on-canvas available as limited edition prints.

Tom Wall was aptly characterised by his pupil and friend, the respected painter Mackenzie Thorpe, as a visionary in a visionary landscape.” Thorpe describes his work equally eloquently thus:

He made colour shimmer and dance on the canvas as he painted to the music of Elgar, Williams and Debussy. With one hand in his pocket, the other holding his brush, he painted as a conductor with a baton, only his was an orchestra of colour and tone.

Certainly the works of this extraordinary artist have a life of their own. Inspired by the varying qualities of the British landscape, at times melding with it elements of Scandinavian mythology or the music of Delius, he distils the essence of past and present horizons together into a very personal vision of his world.

Rob fully recognises that artists occupy a special place in the world.  Perhaps it is because they are extraordinary people who are able to perceive far beyond everyday existence; who have a rare talent for expressing the spirit and innate qualities of their unique vision. But without doubt they have an exceptional and highly valued ability which is truly one of the greatest joys of life.

“The rehabilitation of the art-ability of a culture is a tremendously valid undertaking and will repay a culture a thousand times over for any effort made in that direction. 

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.” 

L. Ron Hubbard


(Note:  The word giclée (pronounced gee-clay) is that given to the method of computer-based, plate-less fine art printing developed in the late 1980s. The image is stored digitally enabling a high level of consistency throughout the printed edition.

Very high resolution reproductions can be obtained using this method of printing ensuring the print remains faithful to the original artwork.)