Portraits by Rob Elliott

Portrait photography has a long history, almost as long as photography itself. Through the years, capturing the human character on film has challenged all those working in the field and many different approaches and techniques have been adopted. Portraiture is shown to be most successful, however, when the photographer moves beyond what we would call “technical competence” and strives to bring out the real personality - to capture the character of the person and the mood of the moment. Rob Elliott has worked as a photographer since 1969, developing style and technique and endeavouring to move ever closer to crystallising that “essential character”. Portrait bookings include, as a first step, an in-depth discussion with the client to establish clear objectives. Hobbies and other interests can often provide an insight into how best to approach the sitting. There is no set formula. The photo session is client-driven and each image portrays its own individuality. Only when images are agreed to the absolute satisfaction of the client is the printing process started. Prints are hand-processed and produced to the highest standards thereby enabling true archival colour permanence. Framing materials are all acid-free to museum archive standards, thus guaranteeing an image that will last across the decades and provide a legacy for generations to come. Telephone 07972 221122 to arrange a free, strictly no obligation, discussion to explore how your needs could be met, or simply e-mail for further information and prices.