Journey Paintings by Tom Wall

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From the South to the Black Cuillins

A Journey Painting (1985) Original oil-on-canvas: 7' x 5'. This stunning print reproduces a quality and detail of brush stroke seen only in the highest calibre of giclee artwork. During a visit to the Isle of Skye in 1985, Tom captured the grandeur of the Black Cuillins described by the "Independent on Sunday" as " of Britain's most beautiful mountain ranges." Located in south-central Skye, Scotland, they are the highest mountains on the island, portrayed in this beautiful and striking image.

To the North through Wistman's Wood

A Journey Painting (1985) Original oil-on-canvas: 6' x 4' 6". Situated on the slopes of the River Dart in Dartmoor, Devon, Wistman's Wood, according to legend, was sacred to the ancient Druids who are said to have performed their pagan rituals there. In more modern times, the prehistoric site has been designated as being of "Significant Scientific Interest". Following a visit in 1985, Tom was inspired to produce this Journey Painting, capturing in oils the truly magical quality of an ancient woodland described in 1829 by the poet Sophie Dixon as a "forest-wilderness". Sadly, the original painting no longer exists but its haunting quality and character have been been faithfully preserved for generations to come in this beautiful fine art print.